Transform Municipality Tree Maintenance with Limb Buster!

Limb Buster is your key to elevating tree maintenance operations in municipalities. Our state-of-the-art skid-steer attachments are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of local governments. Here’s why municipalities should choose Limb Buster for efficient and effective tree trimming

Why Limb Buster for Municipalities?


DOT Road and Bridge Maintenance Departments

Limb Buster's attachments are DOT-approved and designed to streamline road and bridge maintenance. Enhance safety and ensure clear visibility along highways and bridges.

County Jurisdiction Road and Bridge Maintenance Departments

Counties trust Limb Buster for road and bridge upkeep. Our attachments are tailored to efficiently clear limbs and vegetation, contributing to smoother road maintenance operations.

Public Works Department

Limb Buster supports public works departments in their mission to maintain a clean and safe environment. Our skid-steer attachments facilitate controlled limb removal and vegetation management in public spaces.

Army Corps of Engineers and Military Land Maintenance

The military demands precision and efficiency. Our attachments are battle-tested for military land maintenance. We are trusted by the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure optimal visibility and safety on military grounds.

Choose Limb Buster to enhance your municipality’s tree-trimming operations. Our skid-steer attachments ensure efficiency, safety, and durability, making Limb Buster the ideal partner for municipalities dedicated to maintaining clean and green public spaces.