Trim Trees Faster & Safer

Limb Buster is the leading provider of tree-trimming equipment in the country. No more bucket trucks and chainsaws, instead choose the smartest way to cut.

Our Vision

At Limb Buster, we aim to lead in tree trimming equipment by delivering top-quality products and staying ahead of industry trends, ensuring our customers thrive with our innovative solutions.

Our Products

We offer both a 16 ft and a 10 ft model of the Limb Buster Tree Saw. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable, durable, and efficient equipment.

Our Expertise

Since our first prototype in 2016, we have continually tested, experimented and improved on the Limb Buster Tree Saw. Today, we are proud to offer the best tree trimming skidsteer attachment in the industry.

Coming Soon – July 2024

New Limb Buster 12' Farm/Ranch Saw

Perfect for small to medium sized agriculture operations

Why Choose The Limb Buster Saw?

Experience unparalleled efficiency and outstanding durability with our top-of-the-line tree trimming equipment. Engineered for the safest method in limb removal, our versatile attachments and commercial-grade machinery are built to work tirelessly, all day, every day. Elevate your tree maintenance game with equipment designed for peak performance and lasting reliability.

Farmers, Ranchers, and Hunters

Keep your fence rows, fields, and hunting properties clear of unwanted limbs and overgrowth at all times


Safely and efficiently keep roadways, ditches, and easements clear of dangerous limbs

Private Contractors

Enhance the efficiency and  quality of your tree trimming, landscaping or property maintenance services.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Remove limbs and overgrowth safely to prevent potential hazards with utilities, pipelines, and railroads.

Features Details
Saw Weight
645 LBS
Saw Length
Hydraulic Flow Requirements
15-26 GPM
Case Drain Line Required?
Saw Body Material
Blade Diameter
Max Blade RPM
3300 RPM
Direct Drive Motor To Blade Assembly
Recommended Minimum Weight Of Operating Equipment
7000 LBS
Average Cut Height When Mounted On Machine
Single Cut Depth
Double Cut Depth

What You Get With Limb Buster!

Unleash the power of our top-notch tree trimming skid steer attachment, available in 16ft and 10ft options. Soar to heights of 22-28 ft effortlessly with this meticulously crafted beast, offering both efficiency and safety. Plus, enjoy worry-free trimming backed by a solid 1-year unconditional warranty.

Start Trimming Smarter With Limb Buster

See for yourself how our top-tier products can drive success and growth. Cut smarter and safer.